Silvia García-Méndez, member of the Information Technology Group, Vodafone Connecting for Good Award for Innovation in Telecommunications

The master thesis of Silvia García Méndez entitled Library for the Generation of Natural Language in Spanish was presented last June 21 in Madrid in the final phase of the contest Vodafone Connecting for Good to Innovation in Telecommunications with five other finalist works throughout the State and was finally the winner in the ICT Accessibility category. The objective of this work is to facilitate the communication of people with speech disorders, through the generation of complete and coherent sentences in Spanish natural language from word selections. The library consists of an adaptation to the Spanish of the SimpleNLG library for the automatic generation of natural language. This library was integrated into the PictoDroid Lite, an application developed by researchers from the Accegal project, co-directed by Enrique Costa-Montenegro, who is also member of the Information Technology Group. Her contribution in this application allows children with communication disorders to communicate through the selection of pictograms with their environment in natural language thanks to the automatic generation.