New version of PictoDroid Lite with automatic natural language generation in Spanish

PictoDroid Lite is an app for Android mobile devices that allows users to communicate through pictograms (signs that schematically represent a symbol, real object or figure). It allows to express very specific actions in punctual mode (for example, "eat cookie") or the creation of simple sentences in accumulative mode (for example, "caregiver eat biscuit yesterday"). Its objective is to facilitate communication to people with alterations in language or speech, as is the case of people affected of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The new version 3.1 of this app integrates a library for the generation of natural language in Spanish automatically. This library takes as input selections of words through the communicator and according to linguistic criteria (morphology, syntax, semantics) and statistics is able to generate complete and coherent sentences. Thus, users should only select the pictograms with which they want form a phrase in accumulative mode (for example, "caretaker eat cookie yesterday") and the library is responsible for adding the missing elements (as per example, determinants and prepositions), as well as concordance and consistency of the resulting sentence ("the caregiver ate a cookie yesterday"). The library allows generating affirmative and negative sentences, questions and coordinated sentences.

Among its many benefits, the library can be used to support the learning of Spanish. Other notable improvements in this new version are an improved interface and the Swedish language, thanks to translations of Björn Carnstam