Cooperative Intelligence Schemes for Future Internet Emerging Technologies (TEC2013-47016-C2-1-R)

Project COINS contributes to advances of the Future Internet (regarding networks, services and data, and the intelligentinclusion of things/machines and persons), which is envisaged as a multi-technology, heterogeneous, and increasingly virtualized and cloud-like environment. In this context, COOPERATION becomes a key paradigm that takes variousforms according to the particular technological…

Augmenting Intelligence, cognitive capabilities, efficiency and value of coMmunication technologies for the IoE (AIM) (TEC2016-76465-C2-2-R)

Project “Augmenting intelligence, cognitive capabilities, efficiency and value of communication technologies for the IoE (AIM)” will contribute to the augmentation, intelligence, cognitive adaptation, efficiency and added value of the IoE, by exploring feasible ICT solutions for the interaction of the network, the cloud and the applications they support. It has…

Industry Support To Cat B Project - Cyber Situational Awareness Package (14.CAT.OP.070)

Identification and formalization of requirements and specification of a pan-European cyberdefence system. The results were reported in common and key system requirements (CSR and KSR) documents or the European Defence Agency (EDA).